The Passion and other contemporary Passions

The passion in contemporary culture is revitalized. In our time, composers, musicians, producers and broadcasting companies are the ones who bring the major themes of this large musical form back on the agenda. The passion is alive in concert halls and on the city squares. This project deals with the paradox that today in a still secularizing country like the Netherlands rituals on the suffering and death of Jesus Christ can be so popular. 

I started my research on contemporary Passions in 2010, in the project ‘Religion? Music!’ when working as a postdoc researcher at Tilburg School of Humanities. In 2013 I continued the research in a project that has a more theological focus. Soon, this will be completed by a monograph on the transfer and transformation of religion, that uses a single case: the multi-media event called “The Passion”. This book showcases new ways to perform practical theology “after the death of God”.