My name is Mirella Klomp. I am a practical theologian: observing, analyzing and reflecting on people’s practices of faith is my job. I am a specialist in ritual and liturgical studies with expertise in the field of religion and embodiment. In my research on this topic, I have focused on ritual practices on the interface between the sacred and the secular, working specifically on ritual, food and meals and on the topic of ritual and music, both in contemporary performances of the passion of Jesus and in intercultural contexts researching these topics with a thoroughgoing interdisciplinary approach. I am always eager to learn about what people do, about their motivations and the meaning they ascribe to their acting. Asking questions is second nature to me. I love to throw theological perspectives on all kinds of affairs.

I was born in 1979 in the city of Amersfoort. In 1998 I began my studies in theology at the Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam). In 2009 I defended my PhD at the Protestant Theological University (Utrecht); my PhD dissertation was published in 2011. I held a position as postdoctoral researcher at the Tilburg School of Humanities (Tilburg University) from 2010-2012, until I was ordained as a minister in the Protestant Church in the Netherlands in 2012. I served a local congregation in Amsterdam until 2015. Having returned to the Protestant Theological University (Amsterdam) in 2013 in a part-time position as senior researcher, I was appointed as lecturer and coordinator of the Institute for Ritual and Liturgical Studies in 2015. I am currently working as assistant professor of practical theology at the Protestant Theological University. As far as a fulltime time in the academia allows for free time, I like to sit at the kitchen table having drinks and dinner with friends. I love to make music (preferably with others), I run (slowly), and occasionally read a novel.